NutriEnto   Insects are the solution

NutriEnto is shaking up the status quo of animal feed in Kenya, through an innovative approach to insect production that is sustainable, scalable and inclusive.



Any substance that plants or animals need in order to live and grow.


The scientific study of insects.

about nutriento 

At NutriEnto we are commercialising insect production for the use in animal feed, with famers at its heart.

In response to the environmental harm and high costs of using soymeal and wild caught fish meal in agri-feeds, we have established a strong colony of black soldier fly, which we harvest as a nutrient rich alternative that is more sustainable and affordable for farmers.

Nutriento is a Kenyan company and with the help of small scale farmers we are selling our products locally to both small scale and commercial farmers as well as feed millers. Buy Kenyan, build Kenya.

How it works

  • As we move away from inefficient linear systems, we are using a circular economy approach to farming.
  • Organic waste matter composed of fruit and vegetable waste, brewery waste and animal waste are used as input for production of our insects.
  • The BSF larvae we produce are used in livestock and fish feed.
  • Waste material from the production process is used as a bio fertilizer.

Our Product

Our product is a protein rich (>40%) ingredient that can be used in chicken feed and farmed fish feed.

We also produce a highly-concentrated fertiliser with waste material from our process.

We are using our experience to assist others in establishing insect farms to complement their existing chicken and fish farms.

Why we do it


The increase in demand for meat and animal protein is putting enormous pressure on our natural resources in Kenya. In order to feed our animals, both fish and soya meal is used. Fishmeal from wild stocks undermines natural food chains and expensive soymeal is both water and land intensive. Insects are a better protein.

food security

Solving food insecurity starts by questioning where our food comes from, and currently over 80% of animal feed ingredients are imported to Kenya, and are increasingly expensive. Our solution is local, cost effecitve and reliable.

waste management

Our insects are fed using clean food waste from markets around Nairobi, relieving pressure on local waste management facilities. 

Why insects?


Unlike soya and other animals, insects do not require large volumes of water for them to grow. In fact most of their water supply is from their food.


Insects are part of the natural diet for many fish and bird species, as well as humans! We only farm species which are indigenous to East Africa.


Our insects are high in protein and nutrients including calcium and Omega 3.

Who are we?

Our Mission: We want to change the way our animals are fed, and insects are the solution 


Co Founder and CEO of NutriEnto. Kristian is Kenyan and heads up the company’s operations, business development and sales team.
With a background in aquaculture and agribusiness, Kristian has almost a decade of experience at the management level of business in East Africa and oversees.


Jules is also a co-founder and is responsible for building and executing the company’s marketing and fundraising strategies. She is an ecological economist and has been working with smallholder farmers and fishers across East Africa for the last three years.


Francis is our farm manager. He undertakes the day to day running of our pilot farm; overseeing farm staff, developing feed and harvest schedules as well as ensuring the wellbeing of our colony.

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